The Tecumseh Trail (TT) and the original Knobstone Trail are primarily on Indiana State Forest lands managed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The TT is situated on Morgan-Monroe/Yellowwood forests, and was completed in 2001. Short sections of Tecumseh Trail miles are connected by easements. The original KT is situated primarily on Jackson-Washington State Forest land, with some on Clark SF, the Elk Creek Fish & Wildlife Area, and Deam Lake State Recreation Area; it has no private easements. It was completed in 1981.

The Hoosier National Forest Section is situated  on Hoosier National Forest lands with some moderate road walks.

The Pioneer Trail is currently located on private easements and extensive road walks.  Nine miles of additional trail are in various stages of development and/or approval on state and private land.  . However, there are three small segments of trail on state land. In 2015, these are awaiting route approval and construction.