Emergencies, Shuttles, & Supply Drops

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KHTA Town Guide – Emergency, Shuttles, & Supply Drops


Pathfinder Outfitters –  Serves The Entire 160 Mile KHT

Offers all services needed by hikers and backpackers


Steve Chafin – stevechafin@gmail.com – info@pathfinderoutfitters.com



Go Deep Adventures – South End of the KHT

Jeff Campbell, Guide and Outfitter – 812-896-9671 or 812-896-7672




Adventure Shuttles – Serves The Entire 160 Mile KHT

Offers emergency gear, water and supply drops, shuttle services, and anything else the hiker may need.

Kimberly Sue Dickerson – 812-844-2756 – KimHall@gmail.com


Indiana Outfitters is a website that lists a variety of resources for outdoor activities.

KHT Hike Planning and Emergency Help:
Steve Schaftlein, 502/262-6829.

Trail Angels – Thru-Hike Support


Some KHTA supporter/members offer assists to thru-hikers.  Info & help may be available to carry equipment on road walk sections, provide water, or store supplies. Contact the KHTA.