Hiking Clubs


  • American Volksport Association has day hikes and other activities statewide on weekends and more with 14 local clubs all around Indiana: 317/357-8464.
  • American Discovery Trail: (www.discoverytrail.org) Mid-America coast-to-coast multi-use trail; website trail directory/state shows trail route through Indiana. Contacts: state coordinators: (north) Mitch Barloga, mbarloga@nirpc.org (south) (open).
  • Audubon Society. Indianapolis Amos Butler chapter (www.amosbutleraudubon.org) has regular Sunday am walks, enjoyed by birdwatching-hikers from all over. In Bloomington, the Sassafras Audubon Society (SAS) (www.sassafrasaudubon.org) has frequent outings locally and all over S. Indiana.
  • Bedford Hiking Club. Members meet for city walks and regional Volksmarches on a regular basis: Schedule and information: http://www.bedfordhikingclub.com
  • Bloomington Hikers has regular all-day Saturday hikes. Google it or just show up at 9 am on Saturdays at Bloomingfoods East in College Mall (3rd St. & Rt. 46).  https://groups.google.com/d/forum/bloomington-hikers.
  • Central Indiana Wilderness Club (www.ciwclub.org) events include day hikes and canoe & bike outings plus trips to far away sites such as the Grand Canyon in Club van (fee for food/transportation).
  • DINO Trail Runs (www.DINOseries.com) Promotes trail runs, including the Tecumseh Marathon on the KHT (fee).
  • Harrison SF-YMCA Hiking Club has monthly 3rd Saturday outings in the Corydon area: 812/734-0770.
  • Hoosier Backpackers is an informal organization of hikers originally from many conservation groups without very many backpack-type outings. Outings are low key, with the focus on nature and the camping experience over miles and speed. Members range from AT thru-hikers to weekend duffers. It offers statewide weekend outings all year long; beginners very welcome on most outings. Annual Winter Retreat is good way to meet other hikers. Contact: 317/253-3498.
  • Hoosier Hikers Council (HHC) (www.hoosierhikerscouncil.org) has monthly trail building work dates on 3rd Saturdays on Nature Preserves and various public properties, holds races on the KHT.
  • Indiana Crossroads Orienteering (www.IndyO.org)
  • Indiana Forest Alliance (www.indianaforestalliance.org) has monthly “Slow Saunters” to get hikers acquainted with public forest trails all over Indiana.
  • Indianapolis Hiking Club (www.indyhike.org) Organized in 1957, it offers weekday morning and after work walks in or near the city and weekend hikes all over the state: short or long, easy or strenuous. Focus on exercise and companionship. For Club information: 317/422-9384 or website.
  • KISHAW (Kentuckiana Single Hikers & Walkers). Every Sunday afternoon, monthly on the Knobstone Trail: 502/291-6047
  • Nashville Walking Women Nashville and regional day hikes and longer outings. Schedule: 812/988-7087.
  • Sierra Club (Hoosier Chapter) https://hoosier2.sierraclub.org/ Major environmental organization that has many groups around the state that lead hikes. Check website for group in your area or call: 317/822-3750.
  • Southern Indiana Hiking Club has monthly hikes and meetings, has adopted a section of the Knobstone Trail: Clarksville/Louisville & Harrison-Crawford S.F. area. Call Carole Carpenter (812)739-2318 for information.
  • Southern Indiana Outdoor Adventure Club https://sites.google.com/site/sioaclub.
  • Vertical Excape   www.verticalexcape.com. Sponsors guided day hikes, backpacks, climbs, caving events; fees: 812/479-6887.
  • Wabash & Erie Canal/Delphi Historic Trails (www.wabashanderiecanal.org) has helped develop many miles of trails and interpretive exhibits, has series of narrated walks as well as trail building/maintaining. Third Saturdays are trail work days: 765/564-6297.