Above all is the knowledge that you are preserving a vital link with the natural world on Indiana’s rugged Knobstone Escarpment. Make a difference—it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

There Are Three Ways To Support the Knowbstone Hiking Trail!

Make a Donation
Volunteer Your Time
Become a Member

Donations OnlineOne Time or Recurring Donations To:

General Fund – The unrestricted General Fund is flexible and supports our general operations

Land Fund – The restricted Land Fund covers the costs of acquiring and developing land and easements

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In Person Or Mailed Donations
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General Fund & Land Fund Form


There are a variety of ways that you can volunteer to help realize our vision of the KHT as a Trail Angel, an Adopter, a 2nd Saturday Work Day Volunteer and others.
Click the online Volunteer Form.  Fill it out.  It will be forwarded to our volunteer coordinators.
For more info go to Volunteer Info.


Online Membership Application & Account

You are encouraged to create an online membership account which will provide you with a 10% discount in our online store and other benefits.

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General & Land Funds

General Fund
The General Fund is a flexible nonrestrictive account that covers our miscellaneous ongoing expenses and activities.

Land Fund
The restricted Land Fund covers the physical side of our operations.  This includes land purchases, surveying fees, legal fees related to easements, tools, etc.  In the past, this fund was critical for success with some big-ticket items.  Some land owners have been willing to sell land as opposed to granting an easement.  Hikers Knob in Washington County, KHT Mile 55.4, was acquired through this fund.  The Pletzer-Turner camground is another example.  The development of the Sparksville County Park benefited from this fund.  With its wetland area, shelters, and other facilities it offers a prime camping spot for hikers, a social area for the local community, and an an activity area for our volunteers.  For a closer look click on Sparksville County Park.


Most trail building and maintenance is provided through volunteers.  Some participate in the scheduled 2nd Saturday trail building & maintenance hikes.    Others take responsibility for the upkeep of particular sections.  Individuals and Scout troops, outdoor clubs and other organizations are invited to undertake regular trail maintenance responsibilities.  Give something back to the Trail by volunteering to Adopt-A-Trail.


KHTA members are the backbone of the organization.  They provide crucial ongoing financial support and sweat equity for our efforts.  Their dedication and generosity bolster the hopeful spirit of the organization.  Membership can be a two-way street with online membership providing a 10% discount in the online store.  Social interaction of members has created a KHT community of collaborative and supportive friendships.  Many members find a greater meaning and purpose to their professional and personal lives through their involvement with the KHTA.  They are a part of the excitement of completing Indiana’s landmark 160-mile Knobstone Hiking Trail!