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Above all is the knowledge that you are preserving a vital link with the natural world on Indiana’s rugged Knobstone Escarpment. Make a difference—it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.




The Knobstone Hiking Trail depends on Association members and volunteers for its very existence. KHTA volunteers will build and maintain it. The KHTA is a non-profit organization committed to providing low-impact, educational and recreational access to one of the most rugged and scenic areas of the South Central Midwest. Expenses in support of this work include building and maintaining the website, producing, printing, and mailing publications such as the KHT Guide, the KHTA brochure, and the Knobstone newsletter. A major expense will be trail marking posts, signs, and decals, needed for old and new easement trails being built this year. Trail crews are growing, and additional trail-building tools such as Pulaskis and Rogue hoes are needed.Many will hike the trail. Only a special few will help build it or pay to support it. Will you be one of those? Stewards who only support the KHTA financially are as important as those who love to dig in the dirt. This is a forever trail. ONLINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

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Get in on the excitement of completing Indiana’s landmark 160-mile Knobstone Hiking Trail! Membership gives you an eagle’s eye view of progress through the Knobstone newsletter. The Annual Meeting in March features hikes, reports of the behind-the-scene exciting but challenging trail completion process, programs, fellowship and fun.  Hikes on the KHT with members on National Trails Day in June and to iconic Browning Mountain for the fall foliage serve as introductions or reunions to the KHT and its EVENTS.

Most trail maintenance is provided through volunteers. Some participate in scheduled 2nd Saturday trail building & maintenance hikes. Others take responsibility for the upkeep of particular sections. Individuals and Scout troops, outdoor clubs and other organizations are invited to undertake regular trail maintenance responsibilities. Give something back to the Trail by volunteering to Adopt-A-Trail

Members receive a free copy of the KHT Guide, not available at this time for sale anywhere. This publication puts together for the first time the projected map of the entire trail route, and lets you see clearly the amazing reach of the miles….. This compact fold-out guide & map will enable new hikers to make their way easily about the trail.  Members from other states will be amazed to find themselves on good trails experiencing such remote and wild surroundings so near to civilization. CONTACT US for free copy of the KHT Guide.



Occasionally a property may be offered by a landowner who would otherwise not grant a trail easement. If money is available, the land can be acquired to preserve the linear trail route continuity. Hikers Knob in Washington County, KHT Mile 92, was acquired for this reason. Sometimes land can be kept from development or bought for shelter use, such as the Turner property at KHT Mile 69. The KHTA has land and trail easement acquisition expenses, such as surveying, in addition to operating expenses. Such work obtained the donation of land for the Sparksville County Park at KHT Mile 84. Donations for these are kept in a separate “Land” fund. Many donors make an additional contribution to this special fund.

PAY PAL accounting requirements and those of our non-profit sponsor the Community Foundation of Morgan County require these be made via a separate LAND FUND DONATION.



There are a variety of ways that you can volunteer to help realize our vision of the KHT as a Trail Angel, an Adopter, 2nd Saturday Work Day.  Fill Out A Volunteer Form

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