Government Agency Partners

The KHTA is working closely with Indiana’s city, county, state and federal property agencies along the KHT corridor to achieve its goals and support their work maintaining Indiana’s natural resource treasures. In 2005, the five Boards of County Commissioners along the route endorsed the goal of completion of the 160-mile KHT: Morgan, Monroe, Brown, Jackson, and Washington.

Portions of the trail traverse properties maintained by or are associated with the agencies listed below. You may obtain information from them about the trail or other valuable services they provide. You may also wish to contact them to offer support for their work in trail management.

Properties the trail passes through are listed below in order, North to South.

Martinsville City Parks Dept.   Contact: director Pamela Dunscomb.

The extension of the KHT to Martinsville is planned for the future. Parking will be available at the trailhead, and a city park camping facility near the trailhead is planned.


Morgan-Monroe State Forest

In 2001 the 42-mile Tecumseh Trail was completed from the MMSF office south through the YSF to its southern border below US 46. Primitive camping and water are available. Miles of very popular additional trails are available in this state forest nearest to Indianapolis.


Yellowwood State Forest

The Tecumseh Trail passes through YSF to its southern boundary with the Hoosier National Forest at the Monroe Reservoir. There is a spur trail to nearby T.C. Steele Historic Area. Part of YSF is adjacent to Brown County State Park. Primitive camping and water are available. Miles of additional trails are available.


Browning-Mtn-hikersHoosier National Forest

The HNF entered into Memorandum of Understand (MOU) in 2017.  With this agreement 28.4 miles of trail were added to the KHT.  It connects the Tecumseh Trail to the Pioneer Trail.  As a part of this agreement the KHTA has volunteers helping to maintain trails in the HNF.  The KHTA worked together with the HNF , BSA, and a variety of community groups to construct a needed turnpike in the summers of 2018 and 2019.  This MOU was renewed at the beginning of 2020.


Sparksville Park, Jackson County Parks Dept.

Phone: 812/358-5040 Contact: Park Board president Larry Raymer, Brownstown, Indiana.

Sparksville County Park provides camping, water, covered picnic pavilions and privy along the route of the Knobstone Hiking Trail Pioneer easement section. It is now open for use by the public and will offer legal camping for thru-hikers.   A “Sparksville Park Fund” has been established at the Jackson County Community Foundation ( to accept donations for Park improvements.


Jackson-Washington State Forest

The original Knobstone Trail section of the KHT passes through J/WSF. The forest has some of the steepest slopes and most remarkable views of all the Hoosier state forests. Primitive camping and water are available. Miles of additional trails are available.  It offers the possibility of further miles of trail along the bluff overlooking the Muscatatuck River near Highway 135.


Division of Outdoor Recreation, Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources  

The DNR’s DOR planned, built (completed in 1981), and administers the original Knobstone Trail. Their site provides up-to-date Knobstone Trail conditions and other valuable information about the trail. In 2015 the DOR is working on an extension of the KHT northwards from Spurgeon Hollow.


Delaney Creek County Park

The park is situated next to the Spurgeon Hollow Knobstone Trail head. It offers other trails, overnight camping and showers.  Family and group cabins are available for rent.


Clark State Forest

The KHT/Knobstone Trail passes through CSF, with access from I65, just north of Louisville, KY. Primitive camping and water are available. Miles of additional trails are also available.


Deam Lake State Recreational Area

The KHT/Knobstone Trail southern trailhead is situated within Deam Lake SRA. (