Trail Angels / Adopters

TRAIL ANGELS offer assistance to hikers needing help in arranging thru-hikes of the entire 150-mile KHT. Transporting packs on road walk sections, or arranging to help with re-supply are the kind of help needed. To offer such aid, contact the KHTA Volunteer Coordinator:

trail-adoptersTRAIL ADOPTERS take on responsibility for monitoring and upkeep of 1- to 3-mile sections of trail. Volunteers walk the trail on a quarterly basis to prune brush, clear obstacles, remove debris and litter, and report trail conditions. For fallen trees requiring chainsaw work, the KHTA will provide assistance. Monitors use an evaluation form to record trail conditions and submit it to the KHTA Adopt-a-Trail Coordinator.  To find out about responsibilities, training, and how to sign up for a section, contact the KHTA Volunteer Coordinator: