Volunteer Opportunities – Adopt A Trail – Group Workdays


Volunteer Opportunities

 Adopt a Trail – Group Workdays


The KHTA is seeking to expand opportunities for volunteers.  In addition to the traditional 2nd Saturday Workdays and the Adopt A Trail Program, we are now offering.  A 1st or 2nd Monday and a 4th Saturday Adopter Workdays have been added.  The addition of a week day opportunity is attractive for retired people who prefer to spend weekends with family and friends.

KHTA Ongoing 2nd Saturday Workdays

To build and maintain new trail. –  For more info and to sign up Click Here

KHTA Adopters Workdays

For more info and to sign up for private easement sections Click Here

To sign up for volunteering in State Forests and the Hoosier National Forest,
fill out a volunteer form by Clicking Here  The appropriate forms will be sent to you.

For more info on dates and places for volunteering in State Forest and the
Hoosier National Forest Click Here

Detail Info on the Locations and Mileage of the KHT That Need
Adoption and Maintenance

Here is a link to the map set of the KHT – https://www.knobstonehikingtrail.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Map-Set-Merge-1-19-2020-21.pdf – This provides useful info.


The Original KT – Clark State Forest & Jackson-Washington County State Forest – State Forests

For a number of years we’ve had adopters for the 45 miles of the KHT route using the KT and for the Dealney Park Loop section of the KT.  This effort continues and is being renewed as we move past the restrictions of the pandemic.  Steve Schaftlein (502-262-6829,  sschaftlei@gmail.com) coordinates the volunteers for this


Pioneer Trail – North of the original KT – Private Easements

Steve Schaftlein (502-262-6829, sschaftlei@gmail.com) coordinates the adopters for the Pioneer Trail.

Northern Washington County West of Hwy 135 – On pages 19 & 20 (miles 55 to 55.7) is the private easement on the Oak Heritage Preserve.  You can find more infor on the preserve at https://oakheritageconservancy.org/2015/09/09/hikers-knob/.  Map Links – Haleysburg Rd – Oak Heritage TrHd,

South West Jackson County South East of Medora – On pages 21 to 24 (mile 64.2) is Sparksville Park.  In addition to the park itself, there is a loop trail in the park through a wet lands area.  Also, going north from the park is a about a half mile of private easement that dead ends.  This needs to be maintained until a connecting easement is found going North to another private easement that we are developing.  Map Links – Sparkville Park TrHd and Camping Area

North West Jackson County Just South of the HNF and Near Norman and South of Hwy 58 – On pages 27 to 29 (miles 77.4 to 81.1) there is the 3.5 mile of trail on private easement that begins at the HHC trail head and campsite.  It passes by the Frank Fischer 3 story barn and ends at the ATV trailhead (Moto Supreme) on a county road 0.9 miles south of the HNF.  This is 0.7 mile South of Hwy 58 where it is a short distance to the west to the town of Norman with its post office.  Map Links – ATV – Moto Supreme TrHD, Frank Fisher Barn TrHD, HHC TrHd and Campsite


Hoosier National Forest

HNF – Southwest of Brown County State Park and Story on Hwy 135 But North of Hwy 58 – On pages 30-37 (82.9 to 111.3) there is 29.4 miles of multi use trail (hikers, bikers, and equestrians).  The KHTA has adopted trails 18 & 20 totalling about 5.4 miles.  There’s a special arrangement between the KHTA and the HNF.  Individuals go through a separate process to volunteer in the HNF.  KHTA board member Scott Beam (hoosierhappytrails@yahoo.com) coordinates our efforts in the HNF.  Map Links – HNF Trail 18 TrHd, HNF – Trail 20 TrHd


Morgan County – North of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest and the Tecumseh Trail – Private Easement

Morgan County – Conservation Club Easement at Martinsville –  This is about 1 ¼ mile that someday will link the Martinsville City trail system up to a hopeful extension of the KHT – Tecumseh Trail to the edge of the Morgan-Monroe State Forestry.  Charles Andrew (317-258-6788, charlesandrew1@att.net) and Nina Andrew (317-328-1776 – nandrew701@aol.com) coordinate efforts on this easement.  Map Link – KHTA Conservation Club Easement & TrHd




2019 Meeting

KHTA Annual Meetings

    7th Annual Meeting March 16, Ken Hale, “Morgan County’s Trail Czar” 

   Training Center, MMSF, Martinsville

    11 am  Meeting        12 am  Lunch        1 pm  Speaker


  In his years as Planning Director for Morgan County, Kenny Hale established a great working relationship with the different agencies at the town, city, county, state and federal level.  A landmark from his years on the job is Waverly Park.  After the 2008 flood, he collected condemned flooded acres along the White River and grant funding to create a much-needed local park.  Dedicated in 2016, it aims to restore the functions of the floodplain, protect the remaining historic resources, and create abiding features that will remind us of what has come to pass on the site.  Waverly Park in Morgan County educates us about our built and natural worlds and is a place for the community to connect to the environments of the past, present, and future.  Ken was elected a Morgan Community Commissioner in 2018; we can hope he will become an even more effective supporter of park and trail interests in the future.

Kenny Hale will speak at the Annual Meeting.  He plans to attend all day and will have plenty of time for questions and informal discussion.